Callum Flack is:

a graphic designer, digital designer, front-end developer, amateur musicologist, husband, dad.

In 2010, after a decade as a graphic designer, I learnt to code because UI is software, so designers should know how to program.

Design is an aggregation of choices. By learning to implement these choices in the digital medium, I discover how things work and I retain design precision.

I have 14 years in the business of design, working in Brisbane, London, Melbourne and now Sydney, where I work for Ward6.

I've worked for advertising agencies, design studios, software startups, with inhouse teams, as a solo practitioner and I've co-owned a record label. Read further on LinkedIn.

Please note that this site is being revised. In lieu of an online folio, you can view a PDF version here.

Meanwhile, here's a list of people, work and services that I admire:

You can contact me by email or on twitter.